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We Custom-Pack Every Shop

Choose the Classic Pack...

Let KGS do the work for you. We use our decades of experience and data to send you our entire product line of over 120 affordable gifts for every family member on your child's list. The Classic Pack gives you the perfect mix of focus-group tested gifts in just the right quantities. Take advantage of our years of expertise and choose the Classic Pack option on your contract to receive the most complete gift line in the industry today.

...or Select/Deselect

This option allows you to customize your shop. Use our Select/Deselect option to choose up to 30 of your favorite gifts and exclude up to 15 gifts from our product line. Suited for chairpersons with years of experience who know which types of items are most/least popular among students at their shops. You will still receive a wide variety of gifts if you choose this option.

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