For over 30 years, America's most trusted, full-service, in-school holiday shopping program

How Our Profram WorksFollow these Easy Steps:

CHOOSE the dates and times for your shop. Most run during school hours by individual class for at least three days.

USE our How-To Manual to recruit volunteers, plan your shop and COORDINATE with school administrators.

PROMOTE your shop with our color posters and take-home letters.

SEND HOME budget envelopes before the shop so parents
can help children plan a gift list and budget accordingly.

WE DELIVER your fully customized gift selection free of charge
on your requested date.

SET UP your KGS gift shop in your planned area (cafeteria, gym or spare room).

CHILDREN bring their budget envelopes and money to school and
in small groups, assisted by your volunteers.

ENTER the quantity of your unsold gifts into our online accounting
system once your sale is over and we'll calculate your bill.

PAY only for gifts not returned, after your shop is over. Your school's
UPS delivery person will pick up your returns.

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